In order to make it easier to enjoy all the content available on my website here are some helpful tips for navigating Click on any title to expand the section.

The Trail List page allows you to find the right trail by using the map or a list of all trail.

On the map click on the trail track or trailhead to identify the name of the trail and click the link to access the hike's page.

You can zoom in and out and pan the map by using your mouse / touch screen

User the Full Screen Map button in the top right corner to trigger full map screen for larger view.

You can turn trail tracks and trailhead markers on and off by using the checkboxes under the map

On the Trail List page you can use the search dialog under the map to manually search for trails by name or area. Start typing in the box and the list will be filtered real time as you add more characters to your search

Use the colored buttons underneath to filter trail list by difficulty. Clicking on Show All will reset the view to all trails.

You can sort the trail list table by clicking on each header. Click the same header twice will reverse the order.

Click on the trail name to access the appropriate hike page

Each hike's page contains a map with the track of the trail overlaid on top of Google Maps. By default the view is set to the Terrain View but you can use the buttons on top left to change it to regular road map or satellite view.

Use your mouse or touchscreen to zoom and pan the map

Click the Full Screen Map button to load the page in larger view and to see geotagged photos from the hike.

Each hike's page contains a Gallery section. In most cases it consists of photos but some pages include additional content such as videos. Use the tabs under the Gallery header to switch between them.

Click on photo thumbnails to make them larger. Then use the navigation buttons or Left and Right keys on your keyboard to move between pictures.

Please use the comment section on each page to leave your comments, trail review or conditions update. You can even add a picture. You do not need to have an account to leave a comment, all you need to provide is a name and email address.

GPX File - Right click and choose "Save As" to save the file to your device. GPX files contain the trail tracks and can be used with a wide variety of mapping software, GPS devices, etc.

KMZ File - Open the KMZ file in Google Earth and view the trail in a beautiful 3D view with full zoom/tilt control.

Full Scren Map - Full screen view of the trail using Google Maps.

Topo Map - Static topographic map of the trail.

Google Photos - External gallery of the trail's photos in higher resolution.

Directions - Directions to the trailhead using the Google Maps. Enter your starting point for full navigation steps.

Geocaches - A list of geocaches near the trail

Streeview - A Google Maps Streeview of the trailhead parking.