Lovell Gulch

Lovell Gulch (Trail #706) is a pleasant hike through the Pike National Forest, just over 5 miles long. The trailhead is located in the northwest part of Woodland Park. After hiking for about 0.8 miles you will reach the Loop sign. The easier way to hike the trail is in counterclockwise direction so turn right here. This portion will take you through a nice meadow alongside a small creek. You will reach the top of the ridge after about 1.5 miles. There is an alternate trailhead where the trail meets the Rampart Range road.

The next section of the trail follows the ridge as it climbs back down. There are great views of Pikes Peak to the south, although unfortunately the trail follows power lines which take away from the scenery. At the end the trail descends steeply and brings you back to the loop junction.

Distance: 5.8 mile loop.

Difficulty Rating:

Directions: Take US-24 to Woodland Park. Turn right on Baldwin St right before McDonalds. Drive north and continue on Rampart Range road. The trailhead is a dirt parking lot on the left side right next to the Filtration plant.



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