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With GPS navigation becoming more popular and ubiquitous among hikers and outdoor lovers in general, there is an increasing need for good maps. Even if you purchase a TOPO map with Colorado coverage the list of local trails will be very basic.

As an avid hiker I decided to create my own detailed map of local trails and share it with the community. Being a Garmin GPS user, these maps are created specifically for use with Garmin units.


Pikes Peak Region Garmin Trail Maps Installer

(276 kB)
Updated May 6th, 2012


Note: You must have Garmin MapSource software installed on your computer to use my maps.
The installation file will only work with the Microsoft Windows operating system.


I offer my maps for free. If you find them useful and feel that they provide a good value please consider making a $5 (or any other amount you find reasonable) donation to help me cover the cost of web hosting. Thank you.



Trail map + TOPO 2008 Trail map + TOPO 2008 Trail map + City Navigator
GPSMap 60CSx

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Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Garmin Oregon

List of trails:

Cheyenne Mountain State Park Bear Creek Canyon Garden of the Gods Raspberry Mountain
Fox Run Regional Park Columbine Trail Williams Canyon Pancake Rocks
Black Forest Regional Park Waldo Canyon Horsethief Falls Catamount Trail
Red Rocks Open Space Heizer Trail Stanley Canyon Scar Mountain
Palmer Trail Loop Ute Valley Mays Peak Seven Bridges
St.Marys Falls The Crags Mt.Cutler Dorothy Falls
Palmer Park Spruce Mountain Manitou Incline Mt.Esther
Crowe Gulch Lovell Gulch Manitou Reservoir Trail French Creek Trail
Mt.Buckhorn Trail Silver Cascade Trail Centennial Trail Manitou Lake Trail
Pulpit Rock Open Space Sinton Trail Foothills Trail New Santa Fe Trail
Pikes Peak Greenway Dawson Butte Muscoco Mountain Daniel's Pass
Spruce Meadows Trail Pikes Peak via Crags Golden Camp Road Castlewood State Park
Mueller State Park Red Mountain Trail Greenland Open Space Cottonwood Trail
North Slope Recreation Area Monument Fire Center Bear Creek Nature Center Dome Rock Trail
Intemann Trail Black Forest Section 16 Elder Fehn Trail  

Installation Instructions:

Run the the cospringstrails.exe file. On the second screen you can choose the installation directory:


Once you have the map successfully installed the next step is to transfer it to your GPS. Start by opening the MapSource:



Select the map:



Using the Map Tool select the map segment:


Repeat these steps for ALL map segments you wish to transfer.

You can see total size of selected maps in the lower left corner:



Now click on Send To Device icon:


Warning: Whenever you transfer new maps to a Garmin GPS the old ones get erased from the unit, therefore you must manually add every map you wish to use.

Select the correct device. By default it will find your actual GPS connected via USB or a removable disk if you are using a card reader.
Make sure you check the "Maps" option and click send:



Once the maps are transferred you have to select which maps you want to see on the GPS.

The following instructions were made for GPSmap 60CSx:

Push the MENU button on the GPS
and select Setup Map

Navigate to the Map Setup - Information option

Push the MENU button again. Now select which maps you want to display. You want to display one base map and then the Colorado Springs Trails map

The following instructions were made for Garmin Oregon:

In the main menu choose Setup Select the Map option
Choose Map Information / Select Map Make sure the proper maps are enabled


Trail maps were created by using my GPS to record my position every few seconds as I was hiking. Using appropriate software these tracks were converted to shows as red lines on your GPS. The map itself is transparent and does not contain any topographic information such as contours, stream and water bodies, peaks or roads. It works best by being displayed on top of a full topo map. Here are some examples of topo maps available:

Garmin MapSource Topo! U.S. 2008link (100k Topo map of the United States)
Garmin TOPO! US 24k Southwestlnk (24k Topo Map of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico)
Free Colorado topo map (Free 24k topo map)



Trail tracks were recorded using a regular consumer grade GPS and the accuracy will vary. Please use these maps for reference only, I will not be responsible for any damages or liabilities due to installation and/or usage of these maps. Please use common sense when hiking.

If you have any comments or questions please contact me.

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