Greenland Open Space Trail

Greenland Open Space Trail is a multi-use trail in Douglas County. This easy gravel trail passes through rolling grasslands and is a great biking trail for riders of all leves. About one mile south from the trailhead there is a fork creating a loop. If you turn left you will climb up a bit while the path to the right is mainly flat passing by a small pond. If you continue riding south the trail connects to the New Santa Fe trail in Palmer Lake. Take a stop at a picnic table along the way to enjoy the views of mesas and buttes in the surrounding Douglas County.

Length: Total loop distance is 8 miles.

Difficulty: Easy to medium. Wide, smooth surface with just few climbs.

Directions: Take I-25 north. After you pass Monument Hill take exit 167. Turn left and drive under the interstate for 1/4 of a mile. Then turn left again on Noe road and drive south for 1/2 a mile to the well marked trail head.

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Photos taken on 7/11/2010

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