Aiken Canyon Trail

Aiken Canyon Trail is located in the Aiken Canyon Nature Preserve south of Colorado Springs. This 1600 acre preserve boasts large number of animals including more than 100 species of birds. Pets are prohibited on the trail.

The trail starts at the field station and continues along a dry creek bed. After 0.7 miles the trail splits into a loop. If you continue right you will hike through open grass land and later under some tree cover. There is a a side dead end trail that will take you into the canyon ending at a cabin ruins. Little bit further up the main loop, another side trail goes up to an overlook on top of the hill. The main trail descends down completing the loop and then returning back to the trail head.

Distance: Main loop 3.4 miles / Canyon Trail 1 mile one way / Overlook 0.2 miles

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