Dorothy Falls


Legacy Page: Due to Waldo Canyon Fire no hiking is currently allowed on Glen Eyrie property. This trail is no longer available.

Dorothy Falls is a waterfall located in the Queens Canyon. It is a nice short hike starting from Glen Eyrie but the waterfall itself is in the Pike National Forest. Trail head is located just north of the Glen Eyrie castle, visitors should use overflow parking. After entering the canyon you will walk across a few short bridges above the creek bed. You will cross the stream several more times along the hike. Once you reach the waterfall you can continue on to a series of punch bowls further up north.

Length: Total round trip distance is 2 miles.

Directions: From I-25 exit on Garden of the Gods road. Turn left on 30th street. After about 0.5 miles you will see Navigators entrance sign on the right. Proceed to the main gate. Glen Eyrie is open to public Monday through Thursday, 9AM - 4PM and you will have to sign a release at the gate. Please check their website for more details.

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Photos taken on 5/29/2008

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